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Due to high demand we are now offering restoration services for your Land Rover. We specialise in the bodywork and chassis of your Series or Defender, offering bulkhead and chassis replacement services as well as door replacement, along with any other type of work you may need doing on your vehicle.
We do not work on any other Land Rover models others than Series and Defender as these are the vehicles we have a real passion for and we have unrivalled knowledge about.
We specialise in all things galvanised and make all of our own replacement doors in house. We are a leading manufacturer of body panels in the UK and know everything you need to know about them and how to fit them correctly. Rust prevention is our priority and all of the work we carry out is to minimise any rust or aluminium oxidation coming back in the future.

If your chassis or bulkhead needs replacing then we can either fit your own supplied items or we can supply our own units. Our preference for the chassis is XD chassis as we find their chassis are made to a very high quality and always fit well.