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Soft Top Front Seat Belt Bar for Defender & Series (S)

Soft Top Front Seat Belt Bar for Defender & Series (S)

Our Price: £99.95 (119.94 inc VAT If in UK)

Product Code: MRC7354


Soft Top Front Seat Belt Bar

Designed to easily install into any Series II, IIA, III & Defender models alike

Features and Fitti ng

  • The soft top seat belt bar is designed to allow for easy fitting of 3 or 4 point inertia seat belts that no longer have a high mounting point available, especially if you have converted from a hard top to a soft top.
  • To install, simply locate the outer flat plates onto the top body capping as shown in images below and line up the rear bar with the side capping point. Drill and bolt into place either side to create a top mounting.
  • If you require a new seat belt you will need a 4 door front inertia belt to do this job properly and NOT a 2 door belt. The brackets you require are correct on the 4 door inertia belt. Part numbers you need are EVB000540LN and EVB000550LN
  • The inertia reel mounts to the lower point and shown with the top buckle above.

This is a great kit and offers a very easy way to convert seat belts safely when modifying your vehicle without the need to install a roll bar if not required (fitting time for bar is about 30 min).

Please note that the horizontal bar may interfere with the positioning of the spare wheel behind the bulkhead if fitted, You may need to pack the spare wheel out or change it's location.