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Def 90 110 RH Front Galvanised Push Button Door (Galv Steel Skin) (S)

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Right Hand Front Galvanised Push Button Front Door

To fit all Defender models with push button doors between 1983-2006
We manufacture these ourselves in England spending a lot of time making these as accurate to the original as possible to ensure a great fit every time. The frame is steel which is hot dipped galvanised so will last a very long time indeed, in many cases these will probably outlast the rest of your Defender!

To finish this door off so it is the best you can get, the door frame is fitted with a zinc plated steel skin which not only increases the strength of the overall door massively compared with the original aluminium skin, but it is also a lot more corrosion resistant so you will not get the white bubbling corrosion you get with aluminium. Plus it is far more dent resistant.

Each component of the door is lovingly pressed and worked to create the final product that is our eyes is a work of art and designed to still be here in many years to come. We have always found it a shame to do nice work on a Defender, only to find out a standard spec door has already started to rust out within a couple of years, so you end up having to repeat the process all over again , hence why we make these ourselves and make the best possible door available.

In between the skin and the frame, we use marine bonding to stop the two surfaces rubbing together. This stops any drumming effect & makes the door feel a lot stronger & tighter all around.

Every threaded hole is clear of zinc and the hinges holes are drilled clear of zinc so this door is a straight swap over for your original part.

These doors are the exact spec of doors fitted to approx. 2001-2006 defenders

They are exactly the same in every way as 1984-2001 push button doors however the 2 lower mounting points for the inner window winding panels are in a different position. We have added a picture to show the difference. So for fitting this door to the earlier spec models we have made a bracket kit which allows for the fitting of the earlier pre 2001 inner panel to later doors. The best part is that it is a simple bolt on job utilising threaded holes already in the doors so to replace a pre 2001 door is still a nice simple bolt on job. The part number for our bracket kit is JWP520. You need one kit per door. You don’t need this for the second row doors