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Here at SP Panels we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and doing our best for the customer. We are here to help you and your Land Rover .

Based in the northwest, we are a manufacturer of replacement body panels and doors and make parts from scratch in house.

As experts in replacement body panels, we pride ourselves on producing the best quality doors you can get for your Land Rover® model. We have a deep passion for ensuring your door is built to the highest standard possible and have spent years developing tooling and jigs before bringing any door onto the market so we know that we producing doors that we are proud to fit ourselves. As the vehicles we make our replacement doors span from 1958, we still adopt the same methods of manufacture as what would have been originally used to ensure we re produce as accurate replacements as possible. Due to this, to make each door is extremely labour intensive as the doors are naturally made from many smaller sub components as opposed to one piece larger pressing as used on modern vehicles. From start to finish, our craftsmen spend a lot of time and skill in ensuring each component is made accurately and this attention to detail is carried right through to the final finishing stages of the door manufacture.

As so much time goes into making a high quality door, we decided earlier this year to start a transition over from the original manufacturer specification of a standard steel frame to all our doors having hot dipped galvanised frames as standard.(please check the listing as some doors we have still not moved over to galvanised yet). This means our doors will not start rusting within a few months and will last a very long time over standard ones. Hot dipped galvanising requires a lot more preparation and final finishing than standard (hence why other companies don’t bother) meaning the process of making these already laborious doors takes even more time. Customer’s expectations are ever changing and the quality of rebuilds and the money and time spent on such have certainly increased over recent years, gone are the days of a farmer wanting a cheap replacement door.

We are proud to be at the forefront of manufacturing doors that are suited to go onto the very best vehicles out there!

All of the parts on our website are aftermarket parts unless specifically stated otherwise.
We are an independent company and we are not associated with Jaguar Land Rover Limited) 'Land Rover' ® and 'Defender' ® are registered trademarks of Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Def 110 RH 2nd Row Push Button Door Galvanised FRAME Only Def 90 110 LH Front Galvanised Push Button Door (Galv Steel Skin) (1-2 week leadtime) Non Glazed Galvanised Series 2 /3 2nd Row Door Top LH (1-2 week leadtime)
Def Gloss Black Double Din Stereo Fascia & Mounting Panel Kit LH Series 2 Front 5" Deep Sill 88 or 109 Galvanised Def Series Style Front Door Conversion Kit (no cappings) (1-2 week leadtime)
Def 90 110 RH Front Galvanised Push Button Door (Galv Steel Skin) (1-2 week leadtime) Glazed Galvanised Series 2 /3 2nd Row Door Top RH (1-2 week leadtime) Galvanised Def Fully Built Up Complete 110 2nd Row Right Hand Door - Steel Skin 83-05 Manual Window No CL (1-4 week leadtime)